GSP German Somali Professionals 

Isbaheeysiga Aqoonyahanada Somaliyeed iyo Jarmalka

About us and our philosophy - Consulting & Development


We are a group pursuing economic and developmental goals. We firmly believe that sustainable development only happens where people use their own money, energy and innovation.

We want to contribute to that. We want to motivate, support, enable jobs in Somalia and thus contribute to creating development opportunities. To achieve our this, we work with partners who share similar goals. We want to create opportunities. Education is the basis of every development for us. That's why we support a school project in Balcad - about 35 km from Mogadishu.

Our activities focus on one of the poorest regions in the world - East Africa. Where in Germany we regularly hear of hunger, terror and flight, there are also islands of development and hope. Our farm project in Balcad, a region in close proximity to the capital Mogadishu, is such an island. Many staple foods in Somalia come from abroad. The Balcad region was the breadbasket of the country before the civil war. With our support, we are rebuilding agriculture together with local residents and many other partners. We also work on the water supply, civil protection and medical care on site. Currently we are mainly growing potatoes and vegetables. Ecological and sustainable. Our focus is especially on supporting women. This is how we accompany the entire value creation process. From procurement of seeds to sale in the markets of the capital Mogadishu.


In addition to our farm project, we are active in particular as a consulting company for various institutions in Somalia. The focus is always on projects that aim to support women. We are a women-owned company.

We also want to bring the treasures of Somalia to the European market. That is why we also trade in frankincense and other treasures from Somalia. We attach particular importance to a sustainable origin and fair working conditions.In order to support our non-profit development policy approach, some of our profits flow directly into development aid projects in the region. Because every person deserves a future. We work for that.

Your Asli Ahmed