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Isbaheeysiga Aqoonyahanada Somaliyeed iyo Jarmalka

All our pride - The Farm Project in Balcad, Somalia

The idea was born fast. Implementing a project that will last for years. The Hir Shabelle region is directly adjacent to the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. Unlike in the north of the country, the land is green and can be used for agriculture.


Located directly on the River Shabelle, we have opened an agricultural cooperative that will make this beautiful land usable again for agriculture.


The widespread use of land has almost been lost in the decades of the civil war. Often enough it was the rural population that suffered especially from the various military groups. The result was that there are many small farmers who grow corn and other goods in a small area and sell individually in the markets. With our project, we have brought together many of these small and smallest units to a large cooperation. Our goals are a better water supply of the soil, the sharing and maintenance of agricultural machinery and a joint marketing. Only together can we achieve better prices in the markets and beyond that farmers have a better chance of importing goods from third countries.