GSP German Somali Professionals 

Isbaheeysiga Aqoonyahanada Somaliyeed iyo Jarmalka

We are a network! We are all entrepreneurs who, in addition to economic success, also pursue further goals. Get to know us. Join the network.


Aquasom is a company based in Mogadishu. It specializes in the field of water supply, civil protection consultancy, concepts against devastation and drinking water supply.


For example, we work intensively together with Aquasom on our farm project in Balcad.




The German company Sotcon is our partner around the topic security. Of course, security in Somalia is a very special topic. Sotcon supports us in our operations in Somalia and at the same time is one of the services we also provide to companies and individuals in Somalia. Safety made in Germany.


The Association for Development and Humanitarian Aid Somalia e.V. is practically our founding mother.

The association works both in Germany and in Somalia. While in Germany, topics such as integration and cultural care are in the foreground, GSP supports the association in various projects in Somalia.